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Equine Care

Veterinary care for horses.

Vaccinations Offered

2024 Wellness Plan

Form (enrollment open 12/20/23- 3/1/24)
The Equine wellness package includes core vaccines, rabies, Coggins, and two fecal flotations. Then you have the option to choose other services and vaccines to customize your wellness plan.

Wellness Schedule

Parasite ControlParasite Control

Parasiticides Comparison Chart

More Equine Information

"Clean" Facts

Blister Beetle Poisoning

"Fat Leg" Disease


Core Vaccines

COVID Recommendations

COVID Barn Safety


COVID Safety

Cushings Disease vs Metabolic Syndrome

Time for a dental exam?


Signs of Distress

Equine Herpesvirus

Equine Herpesvirus


Equine Insurance

Labor & Delivery

Eastern Equine Encephalitis


Grass Founder

Internal Parasites



Equine Lyme Disease

Overheated Horse

Poisonous Plants



Feeding Round Bales



Summer Horse Health

Tick Control


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